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Author Topic: FOR THE RECORD: How I Will Defeat Buhari In 2017 * 16/11/2017  (Read 2 times)


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FOR THE RECORD: How I Will Defeat Buhari In 2017 * 16/11/2017
« on: November 16, 2017, 01:34:50 PM »

Below is the complete text of Fayose’s declaration speech for the presidency of Nigeria. I welcome you all to this historic occasion, which is landmark in the political landscape of our country, Nigeria. My inviting you right now, distinguished leaders of our celebration, is to inform you formally that I will be seeking the ticket of our fantastic party, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), to contest the 2019 presidential election. This is without having prejudice to our party’s position. Having said that, I am a supporter of competence and capacity, specially now that this nation needs young and in a position leaders that can take our country out of this present state of hopelessness.

Going down memory lane, in 1999 and 2003, regardless of that our celebration zoned the presidency to the South, the likes of Alhaji Abubakar Rimi of blessed memory and Chief Banabas Gemade contested the ticket. Also in 2007, some celebration members from the South did not only declare their intention to contest, they also showed interest and obtained nomination Forms. Those from the South were Chief Victor Attah, Dr. Peter Odili, Dr. Sam Egwu, Dr. Donald Duke, Dr. Chimaroke Nnamani, Owelle Rochas Okorocha amongst other individuals. This, in itself, assisted in deepening democracy. Our celebration will have to not drop sight that Nigerians at this period are desirous of a President with demonstrated capacity to adjust their fortunes.

In addition, we will have to be mindful of the truth that our celebration needs a candidate like me, with a penchant for defeating incumbents. Twice, I defeated incumbents to grow to be the Governor of Ekiti State and I am confident that with your assistance as my party leaders and supporters, I will defeat the incumbent President, Muhammadu Buhari, in a no cost and fair election. Let me state that in Ekiti, God has utilized me twice for our celebration to regain power from the opposition and I believe similar feat will be repeated at the national level. I do not stand just before Nigerians these days to present myself as one with the answers to all our national inquiries.

Rather, I present myself as one particular with the required understanding, understanding, competence and, above all, the political will to coordinate the human and material sources that we have in abundance to attain national greatness. Having served effectively as governor twice in a state with very meagre resources, I have by this garnered enough expertise more than time to prepare me properly enough for the activity of major our country. By the grace of God, I am the longest-serving governor in Nigeria right now, having served below 3 Presidents - Obasanjo, Jonathan, and now Buhari. Currently, our country is faced with myriad of difficulties. Our economy that was the quickest-increasing in Africa when our party was in energy has gone comatose, with the present managers who are fully clueless.

Scarcity of meals last experienced when President Buhari was Military Head of State involving 1983 and 1985 has returned to the nation, with Nigerians going to bed everyday on empty stomach. Regrettably, a bag of rice that was N7, 000 when PDP was in government is now N17, 000! Allocation from the Federation Account to the three tiers of government has declined to such a level that most States can no longer carry out the standard obligation of paying workers’ salary. Under the present government, our economy recorded its second worst investment inflow in 10 years. Exchange Price that was N197/dollar in 2015 is now more than N360/dollar. In the location of security, which they leveraged on to come to energy, despite claims by the government that Boko Haram was technically defeated Nigerians are being killed by the insurgents though villages are being attacked in the North-East.

Also, herdsmen are killing Nigerians and destroying farmlands with reckless abandon although kidnapping is now on the rise. Most worrisome is the fact that our country is now more divided than ever prior to, with the unity of the nation getting threatened due to nepotism, religious bigotry and favouritism of the present government. Unemployment has risen to an alarming level. As an alternative of building three million jobs per year as promised, millions of jobs are getting lost each day, with a lot of providers folding up. This government has successfully wiped off the middle-class. My party leaders, standing before you is Peter (The Rock) Ayodele Fayose, the man currently destined by God to take Nigeria out of the present political and financial stagnations.

You are all witnesses to my commitment to this party in this hard period, exactly where I have demonstrated uncommon courage that tends to make me stand out as capable of leading our nation at this time. Our economy will be revived and returned to the path of progress that it was ahead of we had the misfortune of having these clueless individuals in power. We will make sure diversification of the economy via agriculture, sufficient provide of energy and huge industrialization, thereby developing employment for our youths. We can do it, and we will do it. With me as your President, you can be rest assured of a government that will be responsive to your requirements. In Ekiti State exactly where I am presently the governor, our success story in education is there for all to see. We have been able to revive this sector for the reason that we placed our teachers in the driver-seat of our policies.

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We will do the similar at the national level because we are mindful of the truth that education is the bedrock of the improvement of any nation. As a governor, I encouraged my young children to attend schools right here in Nigeria and I have never travelled abroad for Medicare. This, I hope to sustain as president of Nigeria by creating confident that our schools and wellness facilities are of international standard. Our fight against corruption will not be selective but total. My celebration leaders, I present myself to you as the required automobile for our party to move back to the presidency. I am doing so since I am confident that with God and all of you behind me, we can do it, and we will do it.

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LAMIDO: To ai ka san jam’iyyar siyasa dai a Afrika ta na samun karfin ikon ta da karsashin ta ne daga dimbin magoya bayan ta. Ni a tsarin koyarwar siyasar da na samu, a tsarin alkiblar siyasa ta, kowane dan jam’iyya, ko ma a wane lungu ya ke, ya na da tasiri sosai a cikin jam’iyya. Duk wata rawar gaban hantsi ko bugun gaba da jam’iyya za ta yi, to bimbin magoya bayan ta din nan su ne abin alfaharin ta, kuma da bazar su ta ke rawa. Dalili kenan na ce musu na fito domin su goya min baya, mu fitar da Nijeriya daga wannan tsarin siyasar ‘yar karma-karma, siyasar dora wa jama’a karan-tsana, siyasar ‘yan damaga, kuma siyasar cusa tsoro a zukatan al’umma.

Ka ga kenan a irin wannan tafiya tun da farko sai mun fara sanar da mgoya bayan mu da ba su gajiyawa ko sarewa komin wuya komin dadi. Wannan wasika da na rubuta na aika, tamkar wani dan kwarya-kwaryar lamari ne na cikin gida, inda na gabatar da kai na ga ‘yan gidan mu kenan zan ce. Idan har su ka ga cewa na cancanta, to za su iya wakilta ni. Saboda na yi amanna da cewa dukkan damuwar da mu ke da ita a kan matsalolin kasar nan, duk iri daya ce. Kuma irin hanyoyi daya mu ke hangowa a matsayin mafitar mu ta kaiwa ga tudun-mun-tsira. Watau idan aka yi duba da irin yadda al’amarin kasar nan ke tafiya, jam’iyyar APC fa ba za ta iya hada kan Nijeriya ba.

Ba wai adawa ce na ke kokarin nunawa ba, amma idan ka yi nazarin abin da ke faruwa a Nijeriya daga shekaru uku zuwa yau, za ka kara fahimtar cewa akwai damuwa a zukatan ‘yan Nijeriya. To ina kuma ina sane da cewa akwai wadanda nan gaba za su fito su ce su na neman takara kamar yadda a yanzu na fito. Amma dai ya na da muhimmanci mu san cewa duk ma abin da za mu yi to mu yi kokarin dawo da kima da darajar jam’iyya. Kuma mu sa kishin Nijeriya a farko shi ne gaba da komai a wannan siyasa. Idan mu ka yi hakan, to PDP za ta iya tunkarar ‘yan Nijeriya cike da alfaharin cewa ga wannan shi ne dan takarar mu, kuma mun gamsu da cewa mun ba ku dan takara nagari, mai inganci.

Saboda na sha cewa ko dai mu tsaya mu yi abin da ya dace mu yi a tsarin yadda ya dace a yi shi, ko kuma idan 2019 ta zo, to Nijeriya na iya afkawa cikin babbar matsala. Jam’iyyar PDP ita kadai ce jam’iyyar da za ta iya nada gammo ta dauki dutsen Dala, saboda ita ce jam’iyya mai kimtsi, mai tushen siyasa, mai kaunar hadin kan Nijeriya. Ku dubi irin yadda aka kafa jam’iyyar, ba daga sama a rana daya ta fado ba, sai da aka sha rana aka sha wahala kafin a kafa ta. PTH: Ka na daya daga cikin wadanda su ka kafa PDP. Shin ko akwai wani abin boye da ba mu sani ba, dangane da gwagwarmayar da ku ka yi kafin kafa PDP? LAMIDO: Ba na jin akwai wani abin da jama’a ba su sani ba.

PTH: Wasu daga cikin mambobin jam’iyyar PDP wadanda su ka fusata, su ka fice daga jam’iyyar an ce su na kokarin dawowa PDP. Amma yawanci masu son dawowar, masu bukatar tsayawa takarar shugabancin kasar nan ne. Har mun ma ji ana rade-radin cewa Atiku ya ce zai dawo PDP, matsawar za a ba shi takara. Me ka ke tunani a kan haka? LAMIDO: Duba nan, a lokacin da su ka fice daga jam’iyyar, tabbas akwai damuwa a cikin PDP. To wannan damuwar ai wasu gwamnoni bakwai sun yi tsokaci da gargadi a kan ta, su ka nuna cewa akwai fa matsala a cikin PDP. Ganin haka, mun tashi mu ka yi zagaye mu na bin manyan kasar nan, idan za ka iya tunawa.

Duk mu ka shaida wa shugabannin mu kamar su Cif Olusegun Obasanjo, Alex Ekweme, TY Danjuma, Shehu Shagari, Babangida da sauran su. Mu ka nuna musu cewa abin da jam’iyyar PDP fa ke ciki idan ba a yi gaggawar daukar mataki ba, to nan gaba Nijeriya za ta iya afkawa cikin rudani da matsala ta tsaro. Mu ka ce musu wannan matsala ta wuce matsalar cikin gida ta PDP fa. A lokacin da Bamanga Tukur ke mulki, ya kamata a ce PDP na yin taro akai-akai, amma aka shafe shekara daya Bamanga bai kira taro ba. To ka ga kenan idan jam’iyya ba ta tafi a kan turba ba, akwai matsala, gwamnati ce ke da asara, tunda ita ce jam’iyya mai mulki ta kafa.

Bayan an sha sa-toka-sa-katsi, wasu su ka fice daga jam’iyyar. Mu ka rasa gwamnoni biyar, mu ka rasa ‘yan majalisar dattawa da na tarayya wadanda duk su ka shiga wata jam’iyya. To, yanzu da su ka koma can, me aka tsinana musu? Sun samu kwanciyar hankali? An yi musu sakayya? Sun tsira daga abin da su ke gudu? Idan sun dawo, to dama ba sabon abu ba ne, sun dawo cikin jam’iyyar da su ka bari. Dama ai PDP ce gidan su, amma APC ai gidan haya ce ko shekar tsuntsaye, ba gidan zama ba ce. Shi gidan haya kuwa zaman a-taru-a-kwana ake yi, ba zaman-dirshan ba. Tun daga Atiku da Saraki da ma kowane a cikin su duk mu na yi musu lale marhabin idan su ka dawo.

Dama na mu ne, ‘yan PDP, duk inda su ka shiga, to akwai jinin PDP a jikin su. Duk nisan gudun da mutum zai yi, ai ba zai iya tsere wa ran sa ba. Dangane da batun kafa sharuddan dawowar Atiku kuwa, ba na jin akwai wasu sharudda. To wane ne ya gindaya sharuddan? Yaushe aka gindaya su? Kai, babu wasu sharudda. Idan sun dawo dai za mu karbe su hannu bibbiyu, tunda za su dawo inda su ka fi kauna, inda aka fi daukar su da daraja da mutunci, kuma inda su ka zama yadda su ke a yau. Amma a halin da su ke yanzu, kowa ya san sun zama mujiya a cikin tsuntsaye. Yau a ci mutuncin su, gobe tozarta su, jibi a ce musu barayi.

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